Manel A’lvarez


I consider myself a classic sculptor in the sense that I use traditional materials and methods of working. Mainly I work in stone, wood, iron and bronze. I could also describe myself as an eclectic sculptor because I will use whatever material or technique necessary to express myself or to develop an idea. I continue to try new techniques and to work with materials that I have never used before.

My pieces are easily recognizable because I have developed a style that is unique in the forms and lines. I try to convey a sense of weightlessness through the use of line. The lines define the volumes and create the rhythm which gives this illusion. Is is a personal style which has evolved over 40 years and continues to do so.

My greatest inspiration is the beauty in everyday life. I find inspiration while traveling and from life experiences. At random, something makes an impact on me and I am inspired. Immediately I begin to sketch an idea which will later become a sculpture. I attempt to capture the essence or the energy of an object and try to give birth to the spirit; the soul of an object.

I am so passionate about what I do because I never stop learning.

-Manel A’lvarez